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February 28, 2017

Yoga my medicine -(18)

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Namaste after long gap again.

29. Ustrasan ( Camel pose):

I’m posting the rest postures after Ardhachandrasan, is Ustrasan. We have the position doing Ardhachandrasan, only change your legs position standing your toes. Then breathing in, one at a time move your hands behind and catch your ankle. Now you need to blow your throat taking your tongue out as much as you can from inside your stomach, opening your eyes wide open at the same time. Cry out loud ,,aaaaaaaaahh while you do this action for three times. So it is like you are cleaning your  inner throat area. Back to sitting on Bajrasan position. Give slightly throat massage.

This is done mainly to clean your throat, vocal makes better. Thyroid will function well plus   better motion if you have constipation.

30. Mandukasan :

Now sit on Bajrasan. Make a fist keeping your thumb in side, then keep just same distance to your navel. Now take a long breath in expanding your chest, and breath out squeezing your stomach by your both fists , lean down towards ground but looking in front, holding your breathing for few seconds. Then breath in and back to position. Repeat this for two more times. Then you can do nest step of Mandukasan. This time you need to open your palm and keep left palm on navel and keep right palm on left palm. Then same process, take a long breath in , forcing breathing out squeezing your stomach in pressing by palms, lean towards ground and look in front. Concentrating at one point in front hold your breath for few seconds then breath in and back to the position.  Repeat this for two more times.

This asan is best to balance sugar level of our body. Those can practice more times in regular basis to balance their sugar level.

Till here we have been doing sitting postures. Afterwards we will do standing positions.

March 20, 2016


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Wine can be made at home?? I was quite surprised when i hear the very first time. Ramesh Ram Shrestha, very good friend and brother told me the recipe of and made a promise with me i will make it for sure. And i did it from last year. I started from black grapes. Was awesome. Ramesh dai graded it ” A” quality. And so do our guests from Pagoda who i let it taste it.

So then i did some more wine of normal grapes, plums, mangoes,oranges. It is good to make wine of any juicy sweet fruits like pomegranate, pears etc. Yes, of course grapes is the best.

Let me tell you what Ramesh dai has given me the recipe about grape wine. If you want to make other fruits just you can take any juicy fruit instead of grapes. Rest ingredients are same.

Short ingredients :

1. Grapes – 1 and half kg

2. sugar 1 and half kg ( same amount of fruit or if you like more sweet add or not keep bit less.

3. one egg white

4. 50 grams of wheat grain

5. 20 grams of dry yeast.

6. warm water 2.75 liters

Now you need to clean all your needy utensils clean with hot water. Your hand should be cleaner with hot water as well or you can wear gloves instead.  You need a plastic jar with tight cover and need to keep it in cold place.

First take yeast and put very hot water and soak until it gets well puffed up. Then add all the ingredients in to the warm water. Stir it well. and keep it in cool place with tight cover. You need to stir it everyday about 2/3 minutes. Thats it!! Leave it for 22 days. And then on 23 rd day you need to sieve it. Use white piece of cotton cloth and a siever to keep the liquid apart. When you are done to keep liquid apart put liquid in to a jar again. Then  keep it for more 22 days. Liquid goes cleaner with awesome color. Then on 23rd day pour that clean liquid, wine in to a bottle and put it in to freeze. When it is chilled it is ready to serve with any of your snack to your guests. I bet they will give you very much of good complements for sure.



September 9, 2015

Yoga my medicine -(17)

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Hello viewers,


I was not able to post some new ones recently. After the strong hit of earthquake in Nepal, it  was terrible time for few months and it is now getting back to normal again. So i thought of my blog and trying to post about yoga more.

Let’s talk about the more postures after we have done before. Now comes to another posture done in position after Bajrasana.

28. Ardhachandrasana ( Half moon faced pose):

To do this posture you need to sit on bajrasana and then stand on knee. Keep your right hand under your left armpit and then right hand on your right arm. Now take a long breathe  in and just tilt back slowly as much as you can. Then move back breathing out. If you feel dizzy close your eyes while tilting back. If not you can open your eyes while doing. Repeat this two more times. This posture is useful for your back.  

February 2, 2015

Flowers !!

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Here are some pictures bloomed in Pagoda terrace.

Juju Dhau ( king of Yoghurt) only in Bhaktapur

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When you visit Bhaktapur, you must try yoghurt , which is known here as Juju dhau. It’s made of cow/buffalo milk. White creamy texture which is sweet as an creamy ice cream . Yammy stuff and it is used for every special occasions here in Bhaktapur in Newar community.

I went to a near by small factory which produces fresh yoghurt daily basis. It is called Famous Dahi Bhandar at Bolachhen tole. Mr. Mrigendra Pradhananga  ( 45) and his family is continuing this business for about 80 years from generation to generation. They are known as Satta dhau here in locals. He told he buys milk from the village market , per liter Rs 70 these days. He makes about 50 pots bigger and smaller in daily basis. He makes three four times more in occasions and festivals. He has pots in four sizes. Small  he charges Rs 150, medium Rs 450, bigger Rs 650 large and extra large in 16 inches and 22 inches costs from Rs 1500 to 3000. To order special ones like without sugar inform him  one day before and others two days before is fine for him, he told.

He starts his work making yoghurt about 6:30 am everyday. He boils milk and cooks it,  hours. He boils and once it is boiled he keeps boiling it for about one or one and half hours. He stirs milk in between several times. He checks every time . When the thikness is ok for yoghurt he starts putting sugar in it as to taste it sweet. Then he prepares the clay pots. He has managed about 2 feet high rice peel of layer . It maintains temperature to keep warm up. He told temperature should be about 50 degrees in winter and about 40 in summer. 

After pots are ready then he pours down milk in each pots about half in first. It needs to be cool down before he puts curd in it.  


He waits to pour more milk about 20 mins and  he checks if milk in pot cools down or not? Then he adds more milk in it slowly and fills it up.



Now it’s time to put one day old curd to make new curd. In small pot one big spoon and for medium three big spoon full is good.

After keeping cover on the pot he covers with cotton quilts so temperature about 50 degrees will be ok.

After covering on quilts he told it needs to keep for 3 hours and  yoghurt will be ready to serve. As it cools down it gets stick in to that pot. To check good quality yoghurt  you can turn over the pot it won’t fall off. So you can eat Yoghurt with muesli , fruits, beaten rice or plain. Enjoy!!

December 13, 2014

Bhaktapur !!

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November 12, 2014

Yoga my medicine -(16)

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After a longer gap , i’m going to add more postures to continue our yoga talks the remaining postures. Sorry for the delay and a gap.

  • 26. Suptabajrasan : After doing the Gomukhasan we are in sitting position BajrasanBefore Suptabajrasana we need to do short meditation about few minutes. Sit on bajrasana position and make a mudra with crossed hands on your lap. Close your eyes and take long breathe in as much more you can then take long breathe out slowly making your face smiling. Repeat this for few more times and feel you are very relaxed.


Then try to do Suptabajrasana. You need to sit on the ground making your legs folded. Take a long breathe in and at the same rythem move your one hand behind do it same for the other hand breathing in. Now with the help of your palm and your elbows u need to get your body down and rays your both hands upward close your eyes and relax in normal  breathing.

After this you need to get up slowly with the help of your elbow and palm. Then you must do Balasan  pose to get relaxed to your head part.

27. Balasan ( child pose):

After Suptabajrasan we must do balasana in same sitting position bajrasana. Rays your both hands up breathing in and then lean down in front breathing out keeping your hands in front on the ground. Then try to stay in same position as longer as you can. The heart patients are not allowed to do this pose for longer . This needs to hold the breath so. Normal persons can do it as longer as they can. Then relax for some time.

This Suptabajrasana is useful to make balance of your body, more flexible, and helpful for knee , back and legs problems.

September 5, 2014

My Bungy in my memory !!

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Whenever i pass by people, wearing Bungy T-shirt, written with ‘ The last Resort’ on my way walk, it reminds me my adventure done bungy jump in 2006 at The last Resort. This is situated at Panglang in Sindhupalchok district.
Along roars of Bhote khoshi high above there is a bridge. From the bridge jumping down towards the river looks scary enough. But the people are keeping up accepting  the challenge to jump down with tied up rope on legs and they dare to do bungy jumping. I heard there is not any accident happened since it is opened so it is kind of safe place to give a try. This one is the third in the world for the bungy jump, so it is also a famous spot.
One has to have strong heart. If you are, give a try and have fun non other than……. only fun. Watching from the bridge down the river Bhote Koshi is wild and dangerous.
Before the trip i had to think about doing the decision, taking long long breadth for many days. The program was set and time was coming closer. I think over doing bungy jump made me like ‘ oh my god i have to jump!” It made my heart beat faster and faster.
In our group there were 6 including me and my son dare to jump. I was very excited curious, scared, nervous, kind of mixed up feelings in my mind. We rented a bus from Bhaktapur. On the way, i was very sure to make it happen but there was curd and beaten rice mixed up in my mind.
At the destination, The last Resort, we reached and we looked  around, It is very cool place for recreation. Nice restaurant, rooms, and greenery around.
So felt cosy and we enjoyed a lot in get together eating good food and dancing in Nepali steps. Didn’t remember about jumping  which was the right next day.
New place, so woke up early. Went for little walk around the garden and freshen up then had breakfast.
The time had come and we got ready for the jump. Lined up and there was paper to sign before jumping, which was to assure at our own risk. Then took weight . Three  of us did jump in the first half of the session. My son, Nabin Mulepati, me and Bishow Kawang from our group. There were many other in the line, some foreigners and Nepali students from Ktm.
It was fun to watch every one’s face before a jump. We saw different actions  like some were nervous, some were laughing. In the line front of me a young foreigner lady was sitting on the bridge, closing her eyes, holding the bridge tight, it made me scary, so i didn’t look up at her again. I tried to make myself very calm and looking at the other each jumpers.Before me, my son jumped with full of confidence. Before a jump crew member asked a question to each jumpers. My son said smiling ….im not going to die now! and he jumped and yelled loud with cheering up voice  in each bouncing…..which gave me a kind of strength….then my turn…..i went there with full of sureness…….sat in front of the crew ….they tied me up with rope to my legs….i looked it very well….it seemed very secure….then i was asked the same question how i was feeling….i answered i want to fulfill my dream, flying like a bird. I saw there is a line for the jump written ‘ Why like this?’ i made myself tight…..opened both hands wide…….looked up to the both sides….where my friends were watching me jumping….there was my husband also….thought about him….. i smiled at them,.then i heard their whistle and cheer up sound,,,,,,,,then i looked to the edge at my feet. …..oh it was too scary…..i closed my eyes and jumped like jumping form the high wall…….for few seconds…my whole body was stopped…like i was numb…, i felt i was very light……i felt jumping down ln speed….i felt speed i opened my eyes, i could see nothing because i was going down in high speed so it looked blur……then the rope which was tighten in my legs gave a jurk. then i felt i’m bouncing high up then i saw trees by the sides and water in the river…. i cried yahooooooo!! while bouncing… bounced three times…..then i saw other crew down near the river asked me to catch the long bamboo. Then the rope from above loosen down and i got down……..i took a longer breathe and looked up at the bridge….it was high up and could see people very small. then i and my son with other jumpers came up to the hotel. It was about 20 / 30 mins hike after the jump. I felt my self confident and i was very happy. All friends and my husband who was very nervous during my jump could smile and gave us congratulations. My other 3 friends  Nava Shakya, Pramin Shakya and Ramona Pradhananga did in second half session. We felt ourselves very proud.
Since then i felt some changes in myself….i felt proud and more less confident, for sure. I gained something in my life. I feel good when i remember i did the good decision.So do my friends felt, In the CD of video record we bought is written ” you are brave enough” We had proud story to tell after coming back to our other friends and relatives. We received positive reaction, which is very good thing.
So, if you want to gain something in you, you can join the session. I have the contact information. You can call to The last Resort, Ph no 4700525, 4701174,4701247 city office and at Listikot, Panglang at this number 09818917772 or go to the site or email them in
These days it is not open all the time because of rainy season. After rainy season they told they are open everyday but they have off time on Monday and Tuesday. The charge is now a days Euro 82 for the foreigners, which includes transport from Ktm, lunch and bungy. And for the Nepalese they charge Rs 4500, which includes transport from Ktm, lunch and bungy.
I wish you all good luck!! and who has done it both thumbs up !!!  Cheers!!!!

December 26, 2012

Simi daal( lentil) , dedicated to Sabine and Arthur Spooner from Australia!

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Hello and Namaste to you dear Sabine and Arthur,

Hope you are doing well back home. We are very happy to post your request ‘Simi daal” for  this month. Hope you will make at home and get me back with your comment. I remember you wanted this recipe to use it as a soup at home in winter to make you warm before your dinner or supper. Yes, this is really a good idea. Or you can cook rice and veg to use this daal.

Actually cooking daal of all kind is  almost the same. You can make daal of different kind of lentil grains. Like green daal ( mung), black daal ( Maas ), Yellow daal ( rahar or chana or Musuri). You can make daal with different beans as well. It is good changing the kind as we use two times a day as a main course, daal bhat in Nepal.

Ingredients !

1. Simi ( red beans) either  kept in water overnight ( it’s easier to cook if it is kept in water overnight ) about a bowl for two

2. Some turmeric powder about one small spoon.

3. Some salt as your taste

4, Some  oil ( mustard oil is better) about two one big spoon

5, Some cumin about one small spoon

6. Some water about 4 bowls

7. some chopped garlic about one spoon

In the picture we kept two bowls of beans, one is  kept in water over night and one is dried. If you have pressure cooker you can cook it dried . If not you are cooking in other pot you need to use the one with kept in water overnight. Put simi in cooker and put water and salt, turmeric powder and cook it in medium or low flame , when it is cooked well. Make a small pan hot and put mustard oil, then make it hot. After that you need to put cumin to fry until it is black brown and put the chopped garlic to fry till it is brown. Now put that to the daal and stir it . Your daal is ready, serve it hot with rice of roti.This is normal daal bhat we eat twice a day here in Nepal. I ate it after posting to you !! :P super delicious ….yummy yummy yummy!!

November 24, 2012

Lungs fry!! Newari snack !!

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Have you ever tried this snack ??? This is one of known fried item in Newar community. It is very delicious with rice wine and other wine as well. During Newari feast this is one of a must food.

Ingredients :

1. Lungs( best is goat lungs)

2, white wheat flour

3. some eggs

4. salt to taste

5. some oil

6. some turmeric powder

7. some cumin powder

8. some red chilly powder


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