This delicious  food is good to eat as main course. A plate is full for me to kill my hunger.  May be same for you, too. It is made on a rice flour bread called chatamari in Newari language. Looks like pizza so better to say Newari pizza to youngsters.

Ingredients :

1. Rice flour about one and half cup

2. Buff keema or chicken keema or only veg keema if you are vegetarian.

3. some round sliced tomatoes, onions, green chilly, Capsicum chilly plus some chopped onion and green coriander leaves.

4 salt as your taste

5. some oil about two table spoon

6. some garlic/ ginger paste about a table spoon

7. some cumin powder about one tea spoon

8. some turmeric powder about half tea spoon

9. some soya sauce about one tea spoon

First make rice flour adding water and little salt as your taste, like liquid rice flour, not very thin but thick typed.Then mix all the masalas and buff keema and chicken keema with chopped onion and green coriander leaves,  veg only  for the vegetarian.Now put a pan on a stove with low flame. Put some oil and make a bread with that liquid rice flour and cook it for a while until it looks half cooked.Until the bread is cooking, make another pan hot  and fry the mixed meat with some oil in a pan. Fry it well until it looks brown.Now put that fried mixed meat on a bread.Then put all sliced onion, capsicum, chilly and tomatos.Cook this for some time in low flame with a pan cap covering.Add stir egg one or two as you like on this mixed bread and cook it again in low flame.

After it is cooked cut in to pieces and serve it hot.Write me how is it????? Thanks!! :)