After a longer gap , i’m going to add more postures to continue our yoga talks the remaining postures. Sorry for the delay and a gap.

  • 26. Suptabajrasan : After doing the Gomukhasan we are in sitting position BajrasanBefore Suptabajrasana we need to do short meditation about few minutes. Sit on bajrasana position and make a mudra with crossed hands on your lap. Close your eyes and take long breathe in as much more you can then take long breathe out slowly making your face smiling. Repeat this for few more times and feel you are very relaxed.


Then try to do Suptabajrasana. You need to sit on the ground making your legs folded. Take a long breathe in and at the same rythem move your one hand behind do it same for the other hand breathing in. Now with the help of your palm and your elbows u need to get your body down and rays your both hands upward close your eyes and relax in normal  breathing.

After this you need to get up slowly with the help of your elbow and palm. Then you must do Balasan  pose to get relaxed to your head part.

27. Balasan ( child pose):

After Suptabajrasan we must do balasana in same sitting position bajrasana. Rays your both hands up breathing in and then lean down in front breathing out keeping your hands in front on the ground. Then try to stay in same position as longer as you can. The heart patients are not allowed to do this pose for longer . This needs to hold the breath so. Normal persons can do it as longer as they can. Then relax for some time.

This Suptabajrasana is useful to make balance of your body, more flexible, and helpful for knee , back and legs problems.