Yoga my medicine -(18)

  • February 28, 2017 2:32 pm

Namaste after long gap again.

29. Ustrasan ( Camel pose):

I’m posting the rest postures after Ardhachandrasan, is Ustrasan. We have the position doing Ardhachandrasan, only change your legs position standing your toes. Then breathing in, one at a time move your hands behind and catch your ankle. Now you need to blow your throat taking your tongue out as much as you can from inside your stomach, opening your eyes wide open at the same time. Cry out loud ,,aaaaaaaaahh while you do this action for three times. So it is like you are cleaning your  inner throat area. Back to sitting on Bajrasan position. Give slightly throat massage.

This is done mainly to clean your throat, vocal makes better. Thyroid will function well plus   better motion if you have constipation.

30. Mandukasan :

Now sit on Bajrasan. Make a fist keeping your thumb in side, then keep just same distance to your navel. Now take a long breath in expanding your chest, and breath out squeezing your stomach by your both fists , lean down towards ground but looking in front, holding your breathing for few seconds. Then breath in and back to position. Repeat this for two more times. Then you can do nest step of Mandukasan. This time you need to open your palm and keep left palm on navel and keep right palm on left palm. Then same process, take a long breath in , forcing breathing out squeezing your stomach in pressing by palms, lean towards ground and look in front. Concentrating at one point in front hold your breath for few seconds then breath in and back to the position.  Repeat this for two more times.

This asan is best to balance sugar level of our body. Those can practice more times in regular basis to balance their sugar level.

Till here we have been doing sitting postures. Afterwards we will do standing positions.

Yoga my medicine -(17)

  • September 9, 2015 4:01 pm

Hello viewers,


I was not able to post some new ones recently. After the strong hit of earthquake in Nepal, it  was terrible time for few months and it is now getting back to normal again. So i thought of my blog and trying to post about yoga more.

Let’s talk about the more postures after we have done before. Now comes to another posture done in position after Bajrasana.

28. Ardhachandrasana ( Half moon faced pose):

To do this posture you need to sit on bajrasana and then stand on knee. Keep your right hand under your left armpit and then right hand on your right arm. Now take a long breathe  in and just tilt back slowly as much as you can. Then move back breathing out. If you feel dizzy close your eyes while tilting back. If not you can open your eyes while doing. Repeat this two more times. This posture is useful for your back.  

Yoga my medicine -(16)

  • November 12, 2014 1:51 pm

After a longer gap , i’m going to add more postures to continue our yoga talks the remaining postures. Sorry for the delay and a gap.

  • 26. Suptabajrasan : After doing the Gomukhasan we are in sitting position BajrasanBefore Suptabajrasana we need to do short meditation about few minutes. Sit on bajrasana position and make a mudra with crossed hands on your lap. Close your eyes and take long breathe in as much more you can then take long breathe out slowly making your face smiling. Repeat this for few more times and feel you are very relaxed.


Then try to do Suptabajrasana. You need to sit on the ground making your legs folded. Take a long breathe in and at the same rythem move your one hand behind do it same for the other hand breathing in. Now with the help of your palm and your elbows u need to get your body down and rays your both hands upward close your eyes and relax in normal  breathing.

After this you need to get up slowly with the help of your elbow and palm. Then you must do Balasan  pose to get relaxed to your head part.

27. Balasan ( child pose):

After Suptabajrasan we must do balasana in same sitting position bajrasana. Rays your both hands up breathing in and then lean down in front breathing out keeping your hands in front on the ground. Then try to stay in same position as longer as you can. The heart patients are not allowed to do this pose for longer . This needs to hold the breath so. Normal persons can do it as longer as they can. Then relax for some time.

This Suptabajrasana is useful to make balance of your body, more flexible, and helpful for knee , back and legs problems.

Yoga my medicine -(15)

  • August 18, 2012 1:07 pm


Hello friends!

Let’s talk about more yoga practice. Here is the next Yoga posture after Janu Sirsasana.

24. Ardhachandrasan ( half moon faced) : This is another style of Ardhachandrasan in sitting position. This is good exercise to make your body loose and makes you easy moving towards back from both sides. Sit in position like in picture above. One leg (left) down and one(right) on it. The front right leg should be bended and straight to your other knee. Catch your front right shin by your opposite  left hand and put your other right hand to your back. Take a long breath in and breathing out turn  behind slowly. Try to look at your  right elbow behind and again breathing out look in front and relax.

Change Your legs and do the same to  your next side.After this, let’s do other sitting position.

25. Gomukhasan( Cow faced pose):

This posture is good for your chest and arms. For ladies this helps to make her breast in proper position. And  it makes arm  tightens and keeps in it’s shape. First  sit on Bajrasan pose. And put your right leg on your left leg bending  and sit on left heel putting your anus on it. Your knees look like the face of a cow. Then put your right hand to your back from upside  your arm and catch your palm from other hand like in picture above.

Take a long breath in  then breathing out lean down front ward and touch your knee from your forehead. Sit in this position as long as you can. In this pose heart patients are not allowed to do for longer time. Then again breathing in come back to the position and relax.

Now change your leg position to the other side and repeat the same to the other side. You can repeat it for more times as your body wants.Have a healthy body, live wonderful, joyful . Good  day!

Yoga my medicine -(14)

  • May 18, 2012 7:53 pm



23. Janu sirsasan:

This is a very good posture for women. It helps to make stronger,  women’s organ, which give child birth. It gives exercise for uterus, then helps to make monthly  period regular . It also helps to cure back ache, so, it is very useful for both men and women.

a. First step: Sit keeping your both legs open and straight. Put one of your leg (right)straight open and bend the other leg touching your thigh,then rise your both hands up breathing in. Then breathing out try to lean down towards your knee and try to touch your knee with your head. Stay for few seconds and then breathing in back to the previous position putting your hands up and breathing our put your hands down.

Then change the position, put your other leg(left) straight open and bend the other leg touch your thigh, then again same process that you have done before.

b. Second step: Put your both legs straight open in sitting position. Put them together and breathing in put your both hands up and then breathing out lean down towards your knees , stay in that position fer few seconds. Then put your hands up breathing in lean down again for second time breathing out stay for few seconds, then again breathing in put the hands up. Now again for the third times lean down breathing out touch the knees , stay in that position for few seconds. Put your hands up breathing in and now put your hands down breathing out.

c. Third step: Sit putting your both legs open and straight. Then fold your one of leg(right) like sitting in bajrasan position, then breathing in put your both hands up, then hands down and lean down toward your knees breathing out and stay in that position for few seconds, then back to the position breathing in, hands up. Breathing out put your both hands down.

Now do the same to the other leg (left) changing . Breathing in put your both hands up and lean down towards the knees breathing out for few seconds stay in same position then breathing in put your hands up and breathing out put your both hands down.

d. Fourth step: For this step of  Janu sirsasan, sit like before putting your legs open and straight. Then put one of let (right) on your lap like sitting in Lotus position, then from behind catch the thumb of your right feet from your right hand. Then put your left hand up breathing in and lean down towards your left knee breathing out. Then again breathing in put your hand up and then breathing out put your hand down.

Now do the similar to the other leg ( left). Change the position and do it again.


Yoga my medicine -(13)

  • December 21, 2011 3:58 pm

22. Yog Mudra: This position is done after Shimhasan. Sit in Lotus pose and then catch your left wrist by your right hand behind , then inhale long, breath in. Then bow down exhaling slowly and try to touch ground by your head. Try to stay for few seconds and come back to the position.Then do this to your right and left knee one at a time. Inhale long and bow down to your right knee exhaling, come back to the previous position.Again inhale and then bow down to your left knee , exhaling.You can do same doing Namaste behind also.This p0sture is very helpful to keep yourself calm and concentration  for your meditation session. So before your meditation practice this is better to be done.

Yoga my medicine -(12)

  • July 19, 2011 8:49 pm

20. Matyasan( Pieces pose): After Makarasan(crocodile pose) we are doing Matsyasan ( Pieces pose). Doing this postures regularly makes your kidneys healthy. This posture cures urinal problems, back ache and makes your eyes healthy. Before doing this pose we need to sit on Padmasan, if you can make it , if not you need to do some warm ups to make Padmasan(Lotus pose).

Sit on Lotus pose and make dhyan mudra then close your eyes. Try to breath in longer one very slowly taking as long time as you can, thinking of all good air going in your body….then expanding your chest slowly breath out taking same time  as you breathing in, breath out, thinking all bad air moving out from your body making it clean. Repeat it for 3 times. Then open your eyes and lay down keeping your legs crossed in Padmasan, with the help of your elbows. Open your eyes bigger and look around as fish does. Normal breathing. You can put your hands up.  Sit this position for a while.

Then with the help of elbows get up and do the opposite Matsyasan , lay down just opposite with crossed leges. Normal breathing, opening your eyes wide and bigger look around.If you can make Namaste behind. Sit in this position for a while again.After this we are doing Simhasan(Lion pose).

21. Simhasan(Lion pose): This pose is done right after Matsyasan ( Pieces pose), sitting on crossed legs in Padmasan put your palms on the ground  and raise your head up and take a long deep breath in first then cried out louder as much louder you can from the bottom of your stomach, keeping your tongue out longer, making your eyes bigger ..hyaaaaaaaaaaa!!  good! Repeat it 3 times.

Yoga my medicine -(11)

  • June 27, 2011 8:51 am

I have been keep posting about yoga postures, which is step by step for all our body parts plus inner body parts, mind and soul. Hope it helps you as well as me.

Now turn for next posture.

18. Makarasan ( Crocodile pose): This pose is done for relax after the tough pose Dhanurasan is done . It makes you calm down and keep your mind still. It is better for concentration and for your back relaxation. Do this pose with full of tension free mode, just like a crocodile sits still.

To do this pose just lay down upside down, just after doing Dhanurasan leave the legs apart on the double size of your shoulders or as more as you can, heels should be facing each other and toes should be the other way. Put your both palms on your face and rest your head on it with the help of elbows. Concentrate to your back and breath in and out slowly. Look at the top of your nose.  You can move your leg one at a time up and down or you can move it together up and down. While you breath in move it up and while you breath out move them down. Stay in this position for a while about 5 to 10 minutes as the spare time you have. You can sit in this position while you watch tv at home. It is good position to get relaxed soon. While doing Dhanurasan all blood circulation goes high so keep it cool down this posture helps a lot.Then slowly you get up and sit in sitting pose called Lotus pose. This Lotus pose needs warm ups for your ankles,knees, hips, leges  before you sit if you are a practicing learner. If you can sit in Lotus pose.19. Lotus posture( Padmasan): This pose is done in sitting position with crossed leges. Do some warm up for ankles moving them up and down for five times and around five times. Then move your knees moving your legs same like five times, then move your legs up and down full swing for five times ups and downs. And try for crossed leges sitting. You can sit like the pictures above for five minutes of more. This is the best sitting position for meditation. This practice helps you to concentrate while doing meditation. You can gain your confidence level up  practicing it day by. Sitting in this position you can make mudra like keeping your palm facing up on your knees and touch your first finger and thumb. Then breath in slowly filling up air as much as you can expanding your chest. Taking same time while you breath in now you breath out taking same time. While breathing out move your stomach inside. Do it regularly for longer time. While you breath in think that all your body parts and nerves are opening all blockage you have and getting relaxed, while you breath out think that all the unnecessary negativity is going out your body making it purt and healthy. That’s the best how you practice your Lotus pose.

Yoga my medicine -(10)

  • May 18, 2011 10:05 pm

17. Dhanurasan ( Bow pose):

This posture is very good for overall body. We can call it queen of the postures. This posture is very cool for ladies more. While doing it you can concentrate to your back.

Lay down facing to the floor, then catch both or your legs like in the picture above, then breathing in stretch up, look up at the sky, then hold your body as longer as you can. Then breathing out relax back to the position. You can do this 2/3 times repeat, a day.

This posture is really good for your back, your face glows, your limbs, eyes almost all the part of your body. You can do rolling bow pose, too, forward and backward and right to left, left to right. If you have any soft marks or pimples on your face, doing this regularly makes a difference, it goes away slowly. Just do regularly you can get benefit for sure.

Yoga my medicine -(9)

  • April 27, 2011 6:35 pm

Let’s talk about more yogasan:

16. Mahabir aasan: This is named after Hanuma in Ramayan in Hindu religion. When Hanuman (monkey faced ) carried the  Sanjivani mountain to save Laxman during the battle with Ravan in the story. The pose is the same carrying the piece of Sanjivani mountain. This pose is very good for those who is suffering from less weight and who do not like to eat properly. After practice , one can gain weight, it stimulate your organ which makes you like eating. This doesn’t mean that those who likes eating much can not practice this pose. So everybody can practice this exercise. This pose is done laying down like in the picture above and when you do from left hand, catch your right leg from your left hand. Put your right hand straight in front and the other leg straight at the back. Then breathing in try to lift bit up, look at your right hand if front or you can look at your back where you catch your leg. After this breathing out relax down. Then  change catching your leg. This time, put your left hand straight in front and catch your left leg with your right hand. Breathing in lift up and look in front or at the back at your leg where you hold your leg. Then breathing out relax down. Those who wants to gain weight can do it more times repeating.