Mixed chatamari (Newari pizza)

  • October 18, 2012 6:33 pm

This delicious  food is good to eat as main course. A plate is full for me to kill my hunger.  May be same for you, too. It is made on a rice flour bread called chatamari in Newari language. Looks like pizza so better to say Newari pizza to youngsters.

Ingredients :

1. Rice flour about one and half cup

2. Buff keema or chicken keema or only veg keema if you are vegetarian.

3. some round sliced tomatoes, onions, green chilly, Capsicum chilly plus some chopped onion and green coriander leaves.

4 salt as your taste

5. some oil about two table spoon

6. some garlic/ ginger paste about a table spoon

7. some cumin powder about one tea spoon

8. some turmeric powder about half tea spoon

9. some soya sauce about one tea spoon

First make rice flour adding water and little salt as your taste, like liquid rice flour, not very thin but thick typed.Then mix all the masalas and buff keema and chicken keema with chopped onion and green coriander leaves,  veg only  for the vegetarian.Now put a pan on a stove with low flame. Put some oil and make a bread with that liquid rice flour and cook it for a while until it looks half cooked.Until the bread is cooking, make another pan hot  and fry the mixed meat with some oil in a pan. Fry it well until it looks brown.Now put that fried mixed meat on a bread.Then put all sliced onion, capsicum, chilly and tomatos.Cook this for some time in low flame with a pan cap covering.Add stir egg one or two as you like on this mixed bread and cook it again in low flame.

After it is cooked cut in to pieces and serve it hot.Write me how is it????? Thanks!! :)

Buff keema curry (MOM’s recipe)

  • September 10, 2012 3:18 pm

Let’s talk about meat item today. This is called buff keema curry. I have been eating this item since my childhood. I just love to have it with rice in the morning meal . Here in Newar family this is common food. Especially children like it. We can cook this with other meat as well like chicken, mutton, turkey etc. But buff meat ( water buffalo) is the best.You can have this curry with beaten rice or with roti as well. Ingredients :

1 Minced buff, the portion is as much u want.

2. some chopped garlic.

3. some chopped ginger.

4, some chopped onion.

5. some masalas like turmeric powder, cumin powder, salt, mustard oil.

6. some garlic and ginger paste , some chopped tomatos, some chopped coriander leaves and some ghee ( butter ).


First fry chopped ginger in some oil. Add chopped garlic and fry with ginger, then add chopped onion till it comes brown. Then mix all those fried ginger, garlic and onion in minced meat. Add garlic and ginger paste, salt, turmeric powder, cumin and red chilly powder. Add some mustard oil and mix it properly. Keep it about 15 mins. Now we need to hot karahi ( deep pan). Put mustard oil and make it hot then put little turmeric powder, then fry the mixture. We need to fry it till all water part goes. More fry  till it looks brown. Then add chopped tomatos and fry again. Boil some water in different pot at the same time, as much the sauce you need. The mixture should be deep down in added water. So you can have sauce. Cook it for some time after adding water for sauce. Not much about 5/6 mins. Till gets all boil well. Then top it with chopped coriander leaves and some ghee ( butter) it is ready to eat. You can serve it with rice, roti, beaten rice.Hmmmm, i’m going to enjoy this KEEMA CURRY  with rice. You too, enjoy!!!!Thank you very much ;) . Hope you will try and let me know how it taste for you??? :) ;) :P

Friends double click on pictures to view closer view! ;) Thanks!

Yoga my medicine -(15)

  • August 18, 2012 1:07 pm


Hello friends!

Let’s talk about more yoga practice. Here is the next Yoga posture after Janu Sirsasana.

24. Ardhachandrasan ( half moon faced) : This is another style of Ardhachandrasan in sitting position. This is good exercise to make your body loose and makes you easy moving towards back from both sides. Sit in position like in picture above. One leg (left) down and one(right) on it. The front right leg should be bended and straight to your other knee. Catch your front right shin by your opposite  left hand and put your other right hand to your back. Take a long breath in and breathing out turn  behind slowly. Try to look at your  right elbow behind and again breathing out look in front and relax.

Change Your legs and do the same to  your next side.After this, let’s do other sitting position.

25. Gomukhasan( Cow faced pose):

This posture is good for your chest and arms. For ladies this helps to make her breast in proper position. And  it makes arm  tightens and keeps in it’s shape. First  sit on Bajrasan pose. And put your right leg on your left leg bending  and sit on left heel putting your anus on it. Your knees look like the face of a cow. Then put your right hand to your back from upside  your arm and catch your palm from other hand like in picture above.

Take a long breath in  then breathing out lean down front ward and touch your knee from your forehead. Sit in this position as long as you can. In this pose heart patients are not allowed to do for longer time. Then again breathing in come back to the position and relax.

Now change your leg position to the other side and repeat the same to the other side. You can repeat it for more times as your body wants.Have a healthy body, live wonderful, joyful . Good  day!

Gathemangal/ Ghantakarna, funny festival

  • July 18, 2012 5:56 pm

This is one of very funny celebration in Nepal called Gathemangal,  falls in June/July. Almost all over Nepal among Newari people Gathemangal is celebrated in memory of demond  Ghantakarna, who keeps bell around his ears. The demond,  Gantakarna was terrible demond and people  make his statue with straw, and many other things to make it look very funny. Look up in the picture, this one is made in Taumadhi, Bhaktapur on 18 July 2012. So do other tole ( local area), they are quite different from tole to tole. some use artistic paper face some use clay pot for head part and some use bamboo plate ( nanglo). Any how it should look funny. For body  part some use straw or dried wheat plant or some bamboos(narkat).  Some other organs are shown very very funny. They mostly use big fruits and vegetables to decorate it in funny way. Look at the decorations!!!!The demond should look terrible, so they are differently made in each part of Nepal.Young  children start begging money in their area with the people who pass by. With that many they manage to make Ghantakarna and some Newari food . After it is ready to make, one of is ready to be chandal.This chandal ( bad spirit), begs money and go round this demond ghantakarna  for three times and burns it. People make funny yelling and watch it burnt.some takes to river and burnt.It is just like taking dead body to funeral but in funny way. It is belief that with that demond, all the unnatural super spirit, bad spirits goes away and human being will have peaceful life ahead. Young children wear iron/copper made ring so they are safe of this demond and bad spirits. Some young women make mehendi (henna) in their hands in this season, quite related to this festival, i guess.So from this festival in Nepal many more other festival starts like Nag panchami, Rachhyabandhan, Gaijatra so on many more for the whole year.

I took all these picture from Facebook and internet, i thank all those photos owner, the post is wonderful with these pictures. Some pictures i took from my facebook friend, Mr. Rajesh Madhikarmy , I must thank him as well.  I feel very shy to go in front to take pictures because children around there make very shameless words to this demond, this happens in Bhaktapur. Thanks you !!

Mom’s recipe 2 (Colocassia leaves)

  • June 30, 2012 10:38 am

Rice , daal and this green  Colocassia  curry is …….. hmmmmmmm……..mitho chha( delicious)…….very much.

We find this vegetable green in summer and we get it’s root as potato in winter. This plant is a good source of vitamin A and of course good for eyes. We can make it as curry or daal ( lentil). And easily grown in valley. We make it with potatoes, beans, soya beans , what sort of beans  you like to mix with, you can use it. One thing you need to be careful to find the one which we can eat. We need to see the steam, it should be white and softer. If it is red and hard can be not good to eat. So when we try to buy it just be careful to buy the good one.


1. some Colocassia green leaves new rolled ones are better  and it’s peeled steam, root part chopped ones.

2. some chopped potatoes with skin.

3. some soaked soya or other red or white beans.

4. half table spoon of turmeric powder

5. some mustard oil.

6. some fenugreek seeds.

7. some salt as taste.

8 some red chilly powder as your taste.

9. one table spoon of cumin powder.

10. one spoon of garlic paste.

11. one table spoon of ginger paste.

12. one table spoon of grinned red pepper.

13. some chopped tomatoes.

14. some (3/4 pieces) of green chillies.

15. some lime juice.

First, clean Colocassia plant properly.  Keep in a sieve till it’s water goes. After the plant gets bit dry, then you need to cut the leaves in to pieces, new leaves rolled in to knots, steam should peel off properly and make it in to pieces by hand. After peeling off the skin of steam, do not clean it with water.

Then keep a deep pan hot. Put mustard oil and make it hot and fry fenugreek seed till it gets black then fry some turmeric powder for color, quick and at the  same time put chopped potatoes and chopped root part of Colocassia plant,  to fry. Then when it gets bit red fry the beans, till it gets red. Then put Colocassia leaves and it’s steam together. Fry all together for few minutes until water part vapors away. Then put all masalas , paste of ginger garlic, cumin powder, red chilly powder, red pepper  grinned, salt. Fry it in low flame and stir it in time to time. then put some chopped tomatoes and chillies, cover it and let it cooked. We should not add water to cook  this curry. We should make the flame low and cook it . When it is ready before serving  put lemon juice, stir it and then serve with rice or any other food. Yammy! Yammy! vegetable curry ! I just love it!

Yoga my medicine -(14)

  • May 18, 2012 7:53 pm



23. Janu sirsasan:

This is a very good posture for women. It helps to make stronger,  women’s organ, which give child birth. It gives exercise for uterus, then helps to make monthly  period regular . It also helps to cure back ache, so, it is very useful for both men and women.

a. First step: Sit keeping your both legs open and straight. Put one of your leg (right)straight open and bend the other leg touching your thigh,then rise your both hands up breathing in. Then breathing out try to lean down towards your knee and try to touch your knee with your head. Stay for few seconds and then breathing in back to the previous position putting your hands up and breathing our put your hands down.

Then change the position, put your other leg(left) straight open and bend the other leg touch your thigh, then again same process that you have done before.

b. Second step: Put your both legs straight open in sitting position. Put them together and breathing in put your both hands up and then breathing out lean down towards your knees , stay in that position fer few seconds. Then put your hands up breathing in lean down again for second time breathing out stay for few seconds, then again breathing in put the hands up. Now again for the third times lean down breathing out touch the knees , stay in that position for few seconds. Put your hands up breathing in and now put your hands down breathing out.

c. Third step: Sit putting your both legs open and straight. Then fold your one of leg(right) like sitting in bajrasan position, then breathing in put your both hands up, then hands down and lean down toward your knees breathing out and stay in that position for few seconds, then back to the position breathing in, hands up. Breathing out put your both hands down.

Now do the same to the other leg (left) changing . Breathing in put your both hands up and lean down towards the knees breathing out for few seconds stay in same position then breathing in put your hands up and breathing out put your both hands down.

d. Fourth step: For this step of  Janu sirsasan, sit like before putting your legs open and straight. Then put one of let (right) on your lap like sitting in Lotus position, then from behind catch the thumb of your right feet from your right hand. Then put your left hand up breathing in and lean down towards your left knee breathing out. Then again breathing in put your hand up and then breathing out put your hand down.

Now do the similar to the other leg ( left). Change the position and do it again.


Naturally beautiful !

  • April 30, 2012 9:27 pm

PANCAKE for Mette ( from Denmark)

  • March 31, 2012 3:56 pm

This  food is eaten as breakfast. It can be cooked at home in short time easily. This one in the picture is  banana pancake . You can make many more verities of pancakes like,  apple/lemon/honey/butter/chocolate/jam etc.

Ingredients for two pancakes:

1. a bowl of white wheat flour

2. Some sugar as your test

3. some baking powder

4. some cinnamon powder

5. one egg

6. some milk

7. some butter

8. two bananas

Now you need to make dough. In a big bowl put a bowl of white wheat flour. Add sugar,baking powder, cinnamon powder and one egg. Mix it will adding milk and make it bit liquid type of dough. Stir it well , it looks like this ,Then in a hot pan put some butter, pour the mixture and cook it in a very low flame. After about a minute put sliced bananas on it and cover it with some more mixture and cover it to cook well. The flame should be very low.Then it looks like this.Now time to turn it over and cook the other side covering  , same in low flame. Add some butter so it cooks well. Now it is ready to serve.Have it for your breakfast, or you can eat it as dessert as well.  You can top with chocolates/ honey .

Bhaktapur Durbar Square !

  • February 29, 2012 6:26 pm



All 10 pictures  of Durbar Square is sent by Mr. James Xia, China who stayed in Newa block with his 9 other friends in last Jan 2012.

Tomato soup (Dedicated post to Carol Davis from Australia)

  • January 31, 2012 7:10 pm

This tomato soup recipe is especially posted, in request of Carol Davis. Hope this helps her and you all making it nice whenever you like.

Ingredients :

1. chopped tomatoes

2. salt as your taste

3. half spoon of sugar

4.some chopped garlic

5.some butter

6.pepper as much you like

7. some tomato sauce

8. a spoon of flour

How to cook?

First   grind chopped tomatos in a grinder .

Then make a pan hot, put some butter. Then fry chopped garlic until it is brown look. Then fry a spoon of flour till it is brown. Then pour down the tomatoes from grinder. Stir properly , if it is thick you can add water. Now cook it well, put salt, tomato sauce, sugar. When it is well cooked it is ready to serve. Have a nice soup ;)